In pursuit of an endless summer

Happiness hits us in simple ways. In singular moments imprinted in time, that we’ll always dream to comeback to. And then never leave. We, the dreamers, get that mood.

And we put you right back there, no matter the time or place. Mr Mood brings you timeless pieces incapsulating the freedom of the days away, the warmth, the craft and the aesthetics of the precious Mediterranean.Clothing that awakens a sunnier, brighter feeling, that goes beyond memory. Yes. That endless summer we’re all been searching for, and lives just within.

“The Mediterranean
inspires passion
like no other place.”

It’s from this passion that Mr Mood was born as a brand willing to capture this summery mood and translate it into clothing.
It is all about the sensibilities to us.

Our pieces are as colorful as the natural tones of the Mediterranean landscape, our cuts compliment the human silhouette just as the smooth breeze compliments the bare sun. Our patterns and details are just as bold as they are unassuming, exactly as the finest things about the Mediterranean culture.

The brand is notably appreciated by those who like or aspire to travel. It’s always Summer somewhere in the world and that is why we are able to sell all seasons round.

Timeless has no season

We don’t design for seasons: we design for forever.

Mediterranean is our core. Slow living is our mantra. Time is our greatest currency. Unspoiled memories deserve unspoiled time in their making — there relies value, in the simplest of luxuries: process and quality take time. And nature demands us to conduct our production considering sustainable steps that won’t rush nor overlap the flux of slow production and parallel high finishing standards that embed a greater sense of conscious.

Local Production



Confident & Dreamy