Mr Sp. Edition Ikat Yellow

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A Special Edition linen button-down shirt with a relaxed profile and limited print.

- 100% Linen
- Lightweight

- Long sleeves
- Button down fastening
- Pointed collar
- Print exclusive to Mr Mood
color: Ikat Yellow
size: S

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color: Ikat Yellow
size: S

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the Elegance of Linen

Lightweight & durable.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity, which is why we chose linen as the main fabric in our collections. Recognised for its unique texture, linen is a natural choice for those looking for pieces that are as comfortable as they are elegant.


Premium Linen

Origin and traceability of the material
- European flax fibre is produced in Western Europe.

Environmentally friendly production
- Flax is a 100% natural fibre. Thanks to favourable climatic and soil conditions, European flax cultivation has a low impact on the environment (no irrigation, no GMOs).

Social and ethical responsibility
- Linen production complies with the rules of the International Labour Organisation.

Comfort qualities with proven performance
- Comfort, thermo-regulation, humidity management.

Mechanical Extration

Zero waste fibre extraction: all parts of the plant are used (fibre, shives, seeds, dust)

Eco-friendly fibre

Plant-based fibre from agriculture that respects the environment. fibre flax seeds are certified GMO free.

Zero Irrigation

Requires zero irrigation and grows on rainwater. The natural fabric is self-sustainable and biodegradable.

Local and Traceable

Flax is a local fibre. Three-quarters of global production take place in Europe.


Linen is celebrated for its exceptional breathability. The fabric allows air to circulate freely, making it ideal for hot weather. Its natural properties help keep you cool and comfortable in warm climates.

100% Natural

Original from the flax plant, our Linen is 100% natural.


Linen is derived from the flax plant, which is known for its eco-friendly attributes. It uses considerably fewer resources than cotton or polyester.


One of the most outstanding characteristics of linen is its biodegradability. As a natural fibre, linen breaks down quickly when discarded, leaving no harmful residues